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Report Card

Randi Catch

This was FANTASTIC! everyone was so friendly, encouraging, helpful and PATIENT!.. I will always remember this bday experience and highly recommend everyone to try it at least once! thank you for going above and beyond anything I imagined!               


I had a blast and my daughter did too! Very easy instructions and I really liked the way you did your very best to make sure everyone succeeded. Great job!

Linda Ladder

I am 67 years old and have accomplished a leg catch and an arm catch at Trapeze U. I live in California, but I visit Arizona in Jan. and Feb. I can’t wait to fly on my visits. Dylan and his staff are wonderful. They are friendly and encourage you. I feel very safe in their hands.



I came to Trapeze U having never had the desire to do any aerial… anything. A group of us went together and learned from the ground up (literally) some basic moves and by the end of the lesson a few hours later, we were all climbing, jumping, flipping, and flying like pros. Instructors are professional and patient and not only tell you how to perform moves one step at a time, but they explain to you they whys and hows of each move. I enjoyed it so much we are planning to return soon! This is great for parties, groups of friends hanging out, athletes who are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, and anyone who wants to try something new and fun!