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Our Goal

At Trapeze U, our goal is to introduce flying trapeze to all ages and skill levels, in a safe and friendly environment.  Our staff maintains the highest standards with great respect for this activity, taking our role and responsibility for our students very seriously.  We believe strongly in specific instruction for each student, while keeping in mind individual ability, in order to give students the necessary tools to succeed and often exceed their own expectations.

We are extremely proud of the curriculum we teach and the students that grow from learning with us.   From experience we know that this atmosphere promotes long term success and confidence on the flying trapeze that can develop into daily life.

Our Company

Trapeze U was founded March 9th, 2008 by two good friends with one mutual dream.  Each with completely different backgrounds, Brain Lazarus and Dylan Phillips were able work together and bring a full-size flying trapeze school to Arizona.  For the first time, Phoenicians were able to learn tricks only before seen in the circus and develop skills that are typically considered unique to the average person.

From the beginning, Trapeze U has been a small business with big dreams of introducing flying trapeze to all ages and abilities. Watching the excitement on the face of new flyers, young and old, brings us joy and often reminds us all why we started this business.  We take pride watching our loyal students advance and consider this a great highlight in our company’s development.  We want to say “Thank You” to all of our students throughout these past years and recognize that your progress is our clearest evidence of success.

Join Our Staff

We are always looking for talented people to join our team.  Teaching flying trapeze an extremely physical job, that requires someone who is resilient physically and mentally.  We look for people with teaching experience and a strong background in gymnastics, diving or acrobatics.  We are accustomed to incorporating these techniques into flying trapeze and can teach how these skills relate to circus.  This is an astonishing career for an extraordinary person who wants to join our staff.

Thinking about making this your new career?  Contact us by email, if you are interested in working with our team.



  • Brian Lazarus Trapeze
    Brian Lazarus
    Our Dean of Student Activities Brian Lazarus has spent more...
  • Dylan Phillips Trapeze
    Dylan Phillips
    Unknowingly started his acrobatic career, at the age of 6,...
  • Ben Fredenburg Coach
    Benjamin Fredenburg
    Joining our team in 2008, Benjamin has truly learned...
  • Tina Gaylord AP
    Tina Gaylord
    Tina was introduced to Trapeze U as a student in...
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    Always the loyal mascot, his role with our team includes...

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