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Q?Is flying trapeze safe?

At Trapeze U, safety is our highest priority.  We maintain the highest standards for our equipment and our instruction.  As with any activity, there is risk involved.  We truly believe that each participant needs to be aware of his or her own ability.  Our instructors are stringently trained to identify and minimize any risk to our students.  Our staff works extremely hard and does everything in their power to ensure each person enjoys a safe and positive learning environment.  Our staff also trains on the same equipment and is dependent on the knowledge and ability of each team member for their own safety.

Q?Who can learn to fly?

Almost anyone with a positive attitude, a spirit for adventure, and in good general health can enjoy flying trapeze lessons.  We do require that all participants are over the age of 4 years old and do not exceed our maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.  If you have physical concerns, questions about your limitations, or any prior condition, please consult your physician before you fly.

Q?What is the cost?

The price of our trapeze classes are the same if you book online, onsite, or over the phone.  There are no extra fees and we do not charge a rental for equipment, such as a safety belt.

“Trapeze 101” $49     “Monday Night Special” $32.50      

“Catching U 102” $59        “Fly-by” $20    

2 Month Package 

8 Class Package Trapeze 101 plus show  $299 ($37.37+ show)

16 Class Package Trapeze 101 plus show $565 ($35.31+ show)

12 Month Package (Show Not Included in Package) 

10 Class Package Trapeze 101 $399 ($39.90 per class)

15 Class Package Trapeze 101 $550 ($36.66 per class)


Q?How do I sign up for a class?

For scheduled classes, we do most of our booking online!  From our website, check the calendar for our classes and create a Trapeze U account for registration. The class schedule shows the number of seats currently available and gives a complete description of each class. Double check your order before you “check out” and please make sure you read and understand our cancellation policy.

Q?Will I get to fly in my first class?

You bet! This is one of the best parts about flying trapeze. You will begin by learning a basic position and a dismount.  We will then teach each person according to their specific skill level and allow students to advance at their own pace. Our team has a lot of class, but we don’t have textbooks and long lectures. Despite our collegiate theme, you will not be in a classroom taking tests.  In your first class, you will be actively participating on the flying trapeze!

Q?How many times will I get to fly?

This depends on the number of students enrolled and what class you are taking.  Typically, in a full Trapeze 101 class, people get anywhere from 6-8 turns on the flying trapeze. This is a contrast to our “1/2 Price Flight Night”, which has the potential to have more students, and if full, equates to less turns on the trapeze. Our Fundamentals of Flight classes usually run faster than both Trapeze 101 and “½ Price Flight Night”.  Each flyer tends to get more turns because of the increased experience of the students and the smaller class size. The key is to make each turn count and to try to improve each time you fly.

Q?What should I wear?

We suggest normal fitness attire.  The same type of clothing you would wear to the gym is appropriate.  You will want to wear something that is easy to move around in, but not too loose and baggy.  Please, no jeans!  Since we are located outside, it’s always important to factor in the weather when you are dressing for your class.  You will not wear shoes on the trapeze.  We recommend sandals or flip flops, simply because it’s easier to take them on and off.  Some people prefer to wear longer fitness pants or tights, but this is completely up to each individual.

Q?Do I have to be really strong in order to do trapeze?

No, while it certainly doesn’t hurt, you do not need to be strong or in great shape to do flying trapeze.  At Trapeze U, we teach people how to use the momentum of the swing, rather than strength, to be successful.  Our team will help you to perform tricks at the correct time, so you learn how to let the swing do more of the work.  If you are able to listen and react to our instructors’ commands, strength is not as much of a factor.  If you can successfully hang from a bar with your arms straight, you have the strength needed to do flying trapeze.  Flying trapeze lessons are a fun and unique form of exercise.  Many of our students use trapeze as their main exercise program and have replaced fitness classes with flying trapeze lessons.

Q?Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes.  For insurance purposes, anyone who uses our equipment needs to complete a waiver.  If the participant is under the age of 18, the waiver needs to be signed by his or her legal guardian.

Q?I’ve already taken the 101 class and I’d like to learn more; what’s the next class for me?

If you’ve already flown with us in a Trapeze 101 class and would like to further your skills, you have several options.  Since we teach each student at an individual pace, you can continue in our Trapeze 101 classes and we will continue to teach you new tricks and skills as you progress.  An even better option is to join our “Frequent Flyer” program and fly in our shows!  There is also “Catching U 102,” for anyone who has already completed a catch and wants to spend extra time working on catching and return skills.  The sky is the limit!

Q?I’d like to sign up for the 8 week session, but what happens if can’t make one or two of the classes?

This is a common question and also the reason we have people book each individual class when they sign up for our “Fundamentals of Flight.”  You are allowed to make-up a class in another FOF class that is not already full.  Please keep in mind that we only allow two make-up classes per semester.  These classes are very limited in space and are discounted more than 20%.  Therefore, all make-up classes must be used in the same semester and do not roll over into the next, or any future, semesters.  As with any class, we have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Please make sure you make any changes at least 48 hours in advance.

Q?Do you do team building, private events or birthdays?

We do team building, private events, birthdays and more!  The cost depends on the # of students you have, the length of the class, and the number of instructors needed for your special event. Please contact dylan@trapezeu.com or click the link you are interested in, for more specific information.

Q?What if I have no plans to visit Gilbert, Arizona?

You would be missing out on one of the greatest travel destinations in the world!  But not to worry; Trapeze U can come to you!  Our Mobile Service can provide the most unique and unforgettable, interactive activity for conventions, corporate enclaves, business team building exercises, and special events.

Q?English is not my first language, can I still do trapeze?

First of all, we are truly impressed that you have gotten this far on our website!  Some members of our staff, including Mr. Phillips, are “trylingual”.  That’s right; we will try any language for basic positions and communication on the trapeze.  This includes Spanish, French and even Japanese to name a few.

Q?Can I just show up to a class on your calendar without a reservation?

Yes.  However, if the class is full, priority will always be given to those who registered prior to the class.  This is an excellent option if you are afraid of commitment or think you may not be able to keep an appointment with us.  Please check our classes page to make sure that you meet any required prerequisites.

Q?There’s a chance I won’t make my scheduled class. What should I do?

We strongly suggest you do not book in advance if you think you may not be able to make the class!  All participants are paying for a reserved space with a limited amount of availability, therefore we do not refund for “no shows” no matter how creative the explanation.  You may change your reservation online within the cancellation policy (48 hours prior to your scheduled class).

Q?I have a class scheduled, but what if it’s raining?

We always do our best to teach the class as long as we can do it safely.  The moment we know the class will be cancelled, we make the change on our online schedule, and contact each student registered in the class by phone.  Since weather is completely out of our control, there are no refunds for bad weather.  Instead, you will be given the option to take another class of the same price, or receive a credit on your Trapeze U account to book a future class.

Q?Do you still have your “Family Flight Night?”

Yes, but now this is now called “Monday Night Special”.  After taking one too many calls asking if you have to actually be related to each other in order to take this class, we have decided to change the name.

Q?What are the numbers in front of each class on your online calendar?

Wow, you really pay attention to every detail! These are simply to differentiate between each class and have nothing to do with the type of class.

Q?Are you guys open all year?

Yes, just like the golf courses here in Phoenix, we are open year round.  Arizona’s climate is perfect for making year round, outdoor activities possible.  Of course, weather conditions are out of our control, but at Trapeze U, we have the climate under control with shaded-covered seating, outdoor air conditioners during the warmer months, and portable heaters in the winter.  We do our best to make flying trapeze Arizona’s most fun and exciting outdoor activity.

Q?What if I want to run away and join the circus?

We offer graduate placement assistance with the Gilbert All-Star Circus.  Actually, we made that up, but after taking their first swing with us, we have had students and instructors, that have taken the circus and aerial skills we have taught them, and made this into a career.